Sanitary 3A 360° Rotary Spray Ball

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EAGLE™ 3A 360° Rotary Spray Ball - Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary 3A 360° Rotary Spray Ball

From $30.80 $46.20

304/316L CIP spray balls are used to smooth procedure tanks

  • Rotary spray ball available in 304 / 316L Stainless Steel
  • Working pressure: 2-10 bar(29-87psi)
  • Cleaning diameter: max.10 m
  • Operating Temp. 90℃
  • Flow rate: 12-24.5 m^3/h

Rotary CIP Spray balls are used in the beverage enterprise to simplify the indoors cleaning of tanks and piping. A fermentation tank can be showered with high-velocity water and/or chemical substances on the interior, inflicting a sheeting motion down the vessel partitions disposing of residues and sanitizing the tank. If you want to know whether this CIP ball fits your tank or not, our engineer team will offer support by simulate Sanitary CIP spray ball flow rate and cleaning efficiency.

Rotary spray ball cleaning tips :

A) Tank cleaning flow rate: 0.2-0.3 GPM / Square feet

B) Spray ball position:  Below filling line  0.2  X (Tank diameter)

C) When the tank uses an agitator or lateral baffles you can  use this arrangement:

Dimension of spray ball

3A 360° Rotary Spray Ball
Size Connection O C B H
Inch mm mm mm mm
1" Clip on 1 28.5 45 131
1 1/2" Clip on 1 42.5 65 153




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  • 1"
  • 1 1/2"


  • 304
  • 316L
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