Quality Test

  • Material Control

    An analysis of either on length of flat-rolled stock or one tube shall be made for each heat. The chemical composition thus determined shall conform to requirements.

  • Tolerance Control

    Including dimensional test and wall thickness test. We make sure every fitting/tubing to meet 3A/BPE dimension before dispatching.

  • Surface Finish Control

    Surface finish refers to the quality and smoothness of the surface of a tube or pipe fitting, and it plays a vital role in preventing contamination, facilitating cleaning, and ensuring the overall integrity of the system.

From Raw Materials to Precise Tolerance:

EAGLE's top-notch clean pipe fittings commence with 2B cold-rolled steel coils as the primary material. Longitudinal welding technology is implemented for complete fusion penetration, and mature techniques are applied in treating welded seams to uphold their credibility. By employing our line turbine flaw detection system, we ensure all of our products meet high purity standards.

Our advanced mold calibration system and perfect quality inspection protocols enable us to maintain control over the wall thickness discrepancy of the weld seam, ensuring a difference within 0.02-0.03MM.